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Tombo Automotive is a specialist company with a wealth of experience and real working knowledge of automotive radiators, air conditioners, fans, spares and more.  Your one-stop-shop for all your automotive needs. 

Tombo Automotive specialises in:

The Vision

Our aim is to do things better by doing them differently.

To change the way people buy replacement car parts by allowing our clients to correctly identify and order automotive parts with ease.

To connect with our clients and connect our clients to parts and information over the counter, over the phone, on a desktop, tablet or mobile handset.

The Result - The PartFinder

With a wealth of knowledge and a range of skills at our disposal which include an information technology department focused on the development of intelligent systems and driven by the owners, one of which a pioneering mind in the digital world and the other, an expert in the Automotive aftermarket parts segment with over 20 years’ experience, Tombo Automotive has successfully created an incredibly powerful game-changing, purpose-built tool we call … ‘The PartFinder’. 

At its heart it is a Windows-based desktop application focused solely on the automotive repairer and insurer, bringing to the fold 2 core functions:

Quick, easy identification and ordering of impact related, industry-specific parts. Nothing beats getting the right parts, at the right price, first time, delivered door to door, quickly and effortlessly.

Instant, round the clock, any time access to a digital ledger in which all transactions such as quotations, orders, collection requests for samples, returns or payments made by or on behalf of the repairer are recorded and are available at your fingertips, immediately.

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